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A Lesson From Tim Tebow On Failure

March 23, 2017

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In my last newsletter we learned from Thor on the value of learning the changeup.

This week Tim Tebow teaches us about failure.

Tim Tebow has grabbed the spotlight during Mets Spring Training. While he has received a fair amount of criticism for being at Spring Training (myself included), he has gained a lot of respect from his teammates for his work ethic.

A quote from a March 20th NY Daily News article:

Tebow article title

speaks to his character. When asked about how he will handle the higher level of play in his new assignment, his attitude is perfect:

Tebow Failure quote

You CANNOT be afraid to fail!

Fear of failiure is the biggeset roadblock to success in ANYTHING,

not just baseball.

In my video library is a presentation that discusses mindset and the value of having a "growth mindset" as it teaches you to learn from your failures, not to fear them. You can subscribe to my video library by clicking here.

Part of a "growth mindset" is how learning from failure is a process, not a end result. Tebow talks about the value of the process in a November 4, 2016 article:

Tebow process quote

Don't be afraid to failure. It is failure that leads to success:


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