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Let It Snow!

Getting Ready for Tryouts When You Can't Get Outside

January 3, 2018

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As we start 2018 and many are focused on school tryouts in March, very often the weather does not cooperate and the snow on the ground presents a significant obstacle to doing the proper amount of throwing so injuries don't occur during tryouts as most players go from throwing 1-2x/week to throwing 5 days in a row.

While Pennsylvania saw 5 feet of snow in one week, the Northeast is currently preparing for its' first snow of the year. The question I frequently get asked: how can we get our throwing done if we can't get outside?

Throwing, just like hitting, focuses on repetitive motion to improve timing. Hitters don't always hit live pitching/ in cages but spend significant time hitting off a tea in an enclosed space like the garage/basement. Pitchers can do the same.

For closed-space throwing, you can do the 2-knee drill (click here to watch a newsletter on the drill). If you can get a simple net (they go for an average of $99 but as low as $50, also a throw-back may work) and 10 baseballs, can throw 5-10 feet into the net with the 2-knee drill.

If you're stuck inside, you can do the following program:

  • Jump rope for 2 minutes (~300 jumps) to get a complete warm-up.
    • Make sure you're sweating before you start throwing!
  • Make 10 throws on 2 knees into the net for 3-4 sets, giving a total of 30-40 throws
    • The first set at low intensity, the second set at medium intensity, the third/fourth sets at high intensity.
  • Jump rope for 2 minutes to finish the workout.
  • Perform this 3x/week, taking a day off between sessions and doing the medicine ball program on those days off as a form of active recovery.


Choose quality over quantity. It's not how many throws you make, it's how many throws you make correctly.


To learn more about the 2-knee drill as well as pitching mechanics/conditioning, you can suscribe to my video library (click to here learn about the library) by clicking here.

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