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The Whiplash Report

Vol. 1 No. 1 – February 6, 2014
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Providing personal injury attorneys with the most up-to-date research on chiropractic and whiplash, from the biomechanics of whiplash injury to chiropractic’s ability to enhance patient care and recovery.

In this month's issue, a 2013 study:

Spine 20Title

Compared to standard medical care (SMC), patients receiving 4 weeks of chiropractic care (CMT) in addition to SMC reported:

33% lower scores on the Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire

21.8% higher scores on the Back Pain Functional Scale

64.8% higher patient satisfaction

With no adverse events reported in either group.

The researchers concluded:


You want the best for your personal injury clients.

Refer them to a chiropractor trained to properly care for them.

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