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Dr. Arnold's Changeup Newsletters

It's most underrated and underapprecaited pitch in baseball. The changeup can make ANY pitcher better, no matter how fast/slow they throw because:

"Hitting is timing. Pitching is upsetting timing."

-Warren Spahn, 13 20-win seasons

There have been important stories over the years on the changeup so I've done my best to make newsletters about them (click on the link for the newsletter):

The Pitch that Did It - 6/4/12

The Pitch Revisited - 4/3/13

The Pitch, Part 3 - 4/2/14

The Pitch Revisited, Part 4 - 5/8/15

What Pitch Can Help Get You $217 Million? - 12/10/15

A Lesson from Thor on Throwing Smarter, Not Harder - 3/4/17

Questions About The Changeup?

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