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Off-season Conditioning, Part 2: The Exercises
September 22, 2011

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Following up on my Part 1 Newsletter describing your "Training Toolbox", now for the exercises to do with those tools:

Exercise #5: Push-Ups

The best total upper body strength exercise for building chest, core, and core strength all at once. Be sure to

  1. Have the hands shoulder-level AND just wider than shoulder-width
  2. Contract the Glute Muscles to help keep the body level and help core contraction
Push 20Ups

When doing push-ups, go down to a count of "2" and the raise to a count of "1".

Exercise #4: Basketball Wall Throws

One of the most important positions during the throw/pitch is getting the throwing shoulder into correct position at the moment of the throw called the "late cocking phase":

Clemens 20big 20chestBig 20Chest 203

You can do this by standing 6 inches from a wall with a basketball:

Wall 20Throw

Keeping the elbow shoulder high AND bent at 90 degrees while rotating around the shoulder and throwing the basketball against a wall, 25 repetitions at a time.

Exercise #3: Plyometric 3-Lb Med Ball Exercises

A 2007 study found 3-lb med ball exercises (including the 4 exercises below):

Med 20Ball 201
Med 20Ball 202

for 8 weeks in this format:

Ballistic 20Six 20Chart

increased velocity by 2 mph (83 to 85 pm) compared to a 0.27 mph increase in the control group.

Exercise #2: Lunges / 1-Leg Lunge Extensions

Research like this 2011 study continue to show the need for hip strength in producing consisting throwing mechanics:

Lumbopelvic 20control 20and 20velocity

So here is a great exercise to do with a 10-lb medicine ball EXCEPT HOLD ON TO THE BALL:

Med 20Ball 20Toss 201
Med 20Ball 20Toss 202

Exercise #1: Weighted Jumping Rope

While a regular jump rope is crucial at a young age for maintaing eye-hand coordination, agility, and proper posture, a weighted jump rope gets your shoulder stronger.

A 2011 study found 3 minutes of weighted jumping rope (done in 3 1-minute sets per day) for 12 weeks can increase your rotator cuff external rotation strength by 55%!

Weighted 20Jump 20Rope 20Table

Why is it important to increase external rotation strength? Because this 2010 study found external rotation weakness to increase arm injury risk (click here for that newsletter).

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