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Craig Kimbrel, Sheetrock, and the 2-Knee Drill

June 23, 2017

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The latest issue of Sports Illustrated shines a light on Craig Kimbrel:

SI Title

the record-setting season he is having:


and how he's loving EVERY minute of it:

Loving every minute of it

But what caught my eye in this article is a unlikely accident that transformed his career

2 knee drill

The foot injury forced him to do something unusual: to long toss from 2 knees that yielded a myriad number benefits:

2 knee drill benefits

I first saw the value of the 2-knee drill since I first learned it from Tom House at The National Pitching Association in 2004 (click here for the newsletter on the 2-knee drill):

and you can learn about this drill and other throwing drills in my video library (click here to subscribe).

The NPA's recommendation is to throw at max velocity at your pitching distance.

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