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Building a Better Fastball This Winter

September 28, 2017

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As we head into October and the offseason begins, it's EXTREMELY important to have a plan for recovery from the rigors of 9 months of baseball and to get bigger/stronger/faster for next year.

Do you have a plan?

A NY Times article from September 14th:

NYT article title

discusses what aspiring and current MLBers are doing in the offseason to increase their velocity, from using weighted baseballs:

Weighted baseball

to focusing on active recovery (did you read my last newsletter?):

Recovery work

focusing on proper body movement/position to minimze arm strain:

move correctly

to training your shoulder to slow down after ball release:


In addition, an August 16th article highlighted Noah Syndergaard's recovery from surgery:

Syndergaard NY Daily News Article Title

and mentioned his new approach to staying healthy:

Hip quote

Are you planning to do all of these things this winter?

Well, ALL of the activities mentioned above are what we do in our offseason conditioning program. Go here to watch a video on the program.

In addition, we ALSO spend time talking about:

  • Nutrition
  • Mindset (learning how to deal with failure in baseball as a way to succeed)
  • Establishing an at-home program for the players to do as a way to further minimize their injury risk (Active Recovery!!!)

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