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More Evidence On Why You Need to Learn A Changeup

December 8, 2017

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A good changeup should be a cornerstone of any pitcher's. It's the second pitch you should learn after establishing consistent fastball mechanics.

I have written numerous newsletters on the benefits of learning the changeup (click here to see my changeup newsletters). Now a new study again highlights its' benefits.

In the American Journal of Sports Medicine:

AJSM Changeup title

and arm stress when throwing the fastball, slider, and curveball were ALL significantly greater than throwing a changeup. This led the researchers to conclude:


So the more you throw a changeup,

the less stress on your arm and the lower your risk of arm injury.

The researchers also discussed research showing that the risk for arm from throwing curveballs and sliders is not any higher than throwing a fastball:

literature shows no increased injury risk with curveball

and this is showing up in more MLB teams throwing fewer fastballs and more curveballs:


So spend your winter learning the changeup. Your arm will thank you for it.

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