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3 Tips for a Successful Baseball Offseason

August 6, 2014

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As the baseball season enters its' 9th month for most young players, it's important to plan for a successful offseason with the following 3 tips:

#3 - Rest for 3 months this fall/winter

Year-round baseball is considered the #1 risk factor for injury. The American Sports Medicine Institute recommends 3 months off from organized baseball and 4 month off from competitive pitching.

- Participate in a fall/winter conditioning program to rest and recover for next season

The offseason is also about getting stronger BUT you have to get 'baseball strong' and that's where my Winter Arm Baseball Conditioning Program fits in. Click here to watch a 3-minute video on the program.

- Find out if your rotator cuff is strong enough for 2015

Having a weak rotator cuff is a risk factor for injury. Make an appointment in my office for an exam to see if your shoulder is at risk for injury.

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