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The MOST Important Thing You Should Be Doing For Your Arm Right Now

Feruary 2, 2017

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As we head into February, many baseball players are still NOT doing the one thing that can be instrumental to minimizing their injury risk once regular practices begin...THROWING!

A great article in the NY Daily News from January 25th talks about pitching injuries when pitchers throw at 100% effort, especially in the Mets rotation:

NY DN Title

and Rick Peterson cites the MOST important aspect of minimizing arm injury: TIMING:

Peterson quote

I have talked about the need to perfect your timing through consistent throwing as a way to minimizes injury risk since 2014:

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Timing is the same reason players hit several days per week all season long: to perfect the timing of transferring energy from their legs into their hands.

Including the day you pitch, you should be throwing 5 days per week, with the 2 days you should try to avoid throwing is the day before and the day after your starts.

I talk extensively about this is my video library that you can purchase a 1-year subscription to here.

If better timing will help this wonderful young set of arms stay healthy:

NY DN Peterson article Metxs pitchers

It will help you!!!!

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