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The Harm of Throwing 'Over the Top', Part 2

June 5, 2015

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In 2014 I wrote a newsletter on why teaching kids to throw "over the top" is a bad coaching concept because of how it changes upper body position and puts more stress on the elbow:

Old 20Newsletter

Now a new study again proves this to be true:

AJSM 20title

In the study, the average shoulder tilt for each pitcher was 24 degrees. And while velocity increased by 1.5% (1.1 mph) for every 10 degrees of shoulder tilt over 24 degrees, shoulder stress increased by 3.2% and elbow stress increased by 4.8%.

For the researchers, this increase in arm stress WAS NOT worth the price of the extra 1.1 miles per hour:

Velocity 20increase 20not 20worth 20price 20of 20stress

because the elbow ligament ("UCL") is already very close to injury and adding stress by tilting more will bring the elbow too close to injury;

Any 20increase 20in 20arm 20stress 20will 20cause 20injury

They concluded:


So...what throwing drill can help a pitcher minimize shoulder tilt?

It's called The 2-knee drill and a video of this drill is available in my Baseball Video Library.

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