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Nick Saban and The Process

January 30, 2018

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If you missed this year's college football national championship, you missed one of the best games in years which also a finished up a remarkable decade of winning at Alabama:

ESPN Saban article title

A subsequent in article in the NYT about Saban delved into how Saban orchestrated the greatest decade of any college football team:

NYT Saban Article Title

What has been the cornerstone of Saban's ability to win? Not focusing on winning but instead on HOW to become a winner:

NYT Saban Process quote highlighted

If you focus on the process, the resutls will take care of themselves.

This type of thinking is worryingly absent among our young athletes, especially our baseball players, where failure is so prevalent and needs to be accepted as the way to success.

This is where learning about mindset needs to be encouraged. There is a great book out there about learning how to adopt a Growth Mindset, where the focus is on the process, over a Fixed Mindset, where the focus is on the results:


I have put together a PowerPoint presentation in my Video Library where we discuss the process of adopting the Growth Mindset and abandoning the Fixed Mindset. You can subscribe here.

One of my favorite quotes from the presentation:


And from Will Smith (to show you that a growth mindset leads to success not just in sports):

"Fail early. Fail often. Fail foward.

You actually have to seek failure because failure is where all of the lessons are."

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