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School Baseball Tryouts 'To Do' List

January 6, 2015

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Have you registered for the January-February throwing/conditioning program?

With school tryouts 8 weeks away, here are 3 things you can do to get ready:

#3 - Long toss 3 times per week at 120 feet

While the current maximum long toss distance recommended by the American Sports Medicine is 180 feet, keep your throwing to 120 feet as it is January. You can build up to 180 feet by March/April.

The purpose of long toss is NOT to increase arm strength but to PERFECT TIMING.

You can learn about long toss in my Baseball Video Library.

- Don't get on the mound until you've long-tossed for at least 2 weeks

One of the biggest mistakes is getting on the mound too soon. Pitching off a mound at 60 feet puts MORE stress on your arm than throwing 120 feet on flat ground throwing.

#3 - Make sure your shoulder is 'Baseball Strong'

Make an appointment to get your rotator cuff strength tested and make sure your shoulder is ready to handle the stresses of throwing again.

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